1: intense and passionate feeling. The Proposals – by JC Uys III Christmas Eve was the perfect night to propose, all I had to do was choose the right moment. I had multiple plans laid out throughout the evening. The first opportunity is sunset and the final, right at midnight. Come sunset, I would be waiting at …



1: deep love or loyalty. I captured this loving shot, on our last visit to South Africa. It was a beautiful moment I wont soon forget.


2: Participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises. We crossed this freezing river in the dead of night, to find a picture-perfect view waiting for us on the other side.


1: serving as a desirable model; very good. After 2 years and 4 months, I was able to spend some time with my parents when they came to visit my wife and I in Paris. We had numerous adventures and memorable moments, but this is one of my favorite.


: one fond of star lore. There's a special little town in South Africa that my soul has been longing for, Sutherland. This photo is from one of my last visits, at night it almost feels like you are lying underneath a tree when you are staring up at the night sky.